Longmont Genealogical Society

Longmont, Colorado, USA
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About The Longmont Genealogical Society

Welcome to our site!   The Longmont Genealogical Society was founded in 1986 for the purpose of promoting and assisting with genealogy research.  Our membership is open to all who share an interest in genealogy and family history research.   While our name includes our Longmont, CO location our scope is whereever in the world our ancestry may have originated.  Check the information we have posted and see if it may be of help to you in your research.  Whatever the original location of your family,
we have information, experience and sources to share that may assist you. And, if you have family wth Longmont origins, please check out the info under the Longmont Research tab. Thanks for visiting and take some time to look around our site - we hope you'll come back again soon.

Our Mission Statement

To promote and encourage an interest in genealogy; To aid members in their genealogical pursuits by offering the means and opportunity to share, collaborate and assist each other in their researh; To educate members and the interested public in genealogical research;  To maintain and elevate genealogical standards; to stress the importance of accuracy in research through careful documentation;  To locate, preserve, publish and index public and private genealogical / historical records; and To assist and support any genealogical institutions or repositories in Colorado which are open to the public.

Monthly Meetings

Our membership meetings are held at the First Lutheran Church (Friendship Center), corner of 3rd and Terry Streets, Longmont, Colorado 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM except for July and December when meetings include a pot luck luncheon and begin at Noon. Guests are Welcome!   We also host a number of Workshops, Study Groups and Classes throughout the months,
click Programs and Assistance in the Nav. bar or Sr. Center Classes on the Home page to learn more about these.

Our Leaders

2024 Elected OFFICERS
VP & Program Chair:
Margaret Lindblom
Therese Cordes
Bonnie Plaster
Jan Geiser
Tia Lindholm
2024 Volunteer Coordinators
Newsletter Editor:
Gail Lewis
Diana Schneider
Mark Fearer
Betsy Davis
Mick Mickelson
Mick Mickelson (acting)


Longmont Genealogical Society Fund Raising Activity

Apart from our members dues, LGS has only one major fund raising activity. We participate in the King Soopers (Kroger Companies) Community Rewards Program. Through this program LGS receives a small percentage of ever dollar spent at any Kroger affiliated store nationwide for purchases using a King Soopers (Kroger) customer loyalty card linked to our community rewards number. Last year we received over $600 from only 17 linked cards. Think of what we might receive if we had 60 or 70 linked cards!?! Click Here for Instructions on how to link your Card.  So if you don't have a King Soopers card, please consider getting one and linking it to our number. And be sure to use your card when shopping for groceries!

A Brief History of LGS

In Remembrance of Deceased Members

Please consider attending our monthly meetings.  Bring a friend with you. 

If you would like to join our organization click here to print a Membership Application.


LGS is a proud member of CCGS and NGS