Family Records/Genealogy from the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center and Archives

Family records and genealogy available from the Longmont Museum in the Archives on specific families or individuals from the Longmont area.
These records are listed in alphabetical order.

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Adams, Roy and Verona - scrapbook
Albright, S. J. - German Bible
Allen family - letters & papers
Allen, Charles F. - Bible, no family information
Allen, Lon C. - Business, personal and legal papers
Andrew, Margaret - Bible with some family information
Beasley, Ena E. - high school graduation program
Beasley, Isaac and Isadora - funeral programs
Beasly, J. J. - award for his wheat
Boynton, C. W. - legal papers, title deeds
Brand, Vance - Apollo-Soyuz, auditorium dedication
Brown, George and Clara - Clara Buff Brown, letters to George, 1882, George M. "Captain" Brown, letters 1870-1880, Glass plate negatives
Brown, Seletha - article drafts, etc. (see finding aid)
Buckelheide, Harriet - page in scrapbook
Buckingham, Nell - schoolbook used by her
Butler, Thomas - scrapbook
Calkins family - genealogy, letters, book owned by Jerupha B. Calkins
Cantonwine family - Bible with family record
Choquette, Ruth Ellen - page in scrapbook
Clark family (Inventory 205-213), Helen Noble scrapbooks, journal, albums, etc., Helen Noble photos and certificates, photos and books, papers relating to farm, estates, Lyn Clark, Lyn Clark papers, photos, appointment books, 1950s and 1960s, misc. photos, scrapbook, St. John's military academy, unidentified photos, state atlas
Coffin family - papers, letters, poetry, genealogy, scrapbooks
Cornett family
Criswell, Julia - author, The Tapestry of America - handmade, Heart of the Hills, Longmont: Ledger Press, 1947
Davis family - cards, letters and other papers, financial and legal papers, photographs, domestic papers - cookbooks, recipes, household
Dickens family - wedding announcement, funeral program, Stroh-Dickens farm, Level II Doc., 1996
Dodge, Lynn Nelson - LHS diploma, 1918
Durning, Mabel Downer - videotaped Longmont history interview, historical source material, audiotape
Estes, Virginia - 1968 Longmont plan, with her annotations, block and lot index, compiled by her
Fitch family - Bible with genealogical information
Fry, Noland - personal and business papers
Hadley family - genealogy, photograph
Hamm family - Captain James - Vietnam MIA materials, scrapbook, mostly documenting Longmont's centennial
Harrington, E. D. and Ruby C. - papers and letters (in Coffin family file)
Hallburg, LeRoy D. - High school graduation program
Hayward, Henry L. - Bible with genealogical info
Helmerick, Joan - page in scrapbook
Hertha, Margaret - 3 receipts
Holt, A. D. - "A. D. Holt and the Farmer's Mill", "A. D. Holt and the Highland Ditch"
Horner, J. W. - papers, stock certificates, correspondence
Hover, Bea - schoolbook used by her
Hubbard family - papers, scrapbook, Kitty Hubbard school paper, "Longmont", Royal M. Hubbard, last will and testament
Hyde family - personal and business papers
Idler, Mary Jane Richie - page in scrapbook
Johnson, Amanda - school certificates, 1878-1883
Jones, E. G. - photographs - house, family, undertaker's shop
Kirk, Dorothy - page in scrapbook
Kiteley, Cheryl Lynn Fallon - page in scrapbook
Kiteley, Rae - School Supervision book owned by him
Kragh, Jane - personal, WCTU, Methodist Church
Lanyon, Ray - personal papers
Lee family - Bible with genealogical information
Mahan, Irma and Mildred - school ephemera, calling card
Mathews, Hugh - Military certificate, High School Diploma
Matlack, Anne - papers
Maxson family - papers, Maxson, Asa - Military records, chemistry notes
Michel, Glenda - page in scrapbook
Milnamow, Katherine B. - clipping files
Moomaw, Jack, "Poems of a Rocky Mountain Ranger
Motisher family - papers, letters 1851-1891
Nethaway family - William Harvey, Bessie Weese, genealogy, scrapbook, reunion book, letters
Noble, George and Gertrude
Noble, Enna - postcards written to her
Painter, Virginia Claypool - page in scrapbook
Parrill, Joan Cloyd - page in scrapbook
Rayl, Bessie - autograph albums
Remick, Sidney Houghton - "Mother Agatha" poem
Richardson, Shirley May Reid - page in scrapbook
Roberts, Elizabeth - Bible
Sawdey, Inez and Doris - newsclipping
Smoot, Lillian Richart - mentioned in title abstract
Sonneberg - autograph album
Springer, Ethel - diaries 1913-1947, 1956-1967, wedding memory book, 1914
Steele, Dorris Elizabeth - biography
Stroh family - Stroh-Dickens farm, Level 11 Doc., 1996
Sutphen, R. G. - information on his house
Terry family - Seth Terry diaries, 1867-1901, Seth Terry letters, Terry family genealogy, photos, Terry family photos, map, Bible presented to Seth Terry, w/family info, audiotape, "The Hunt for the Terry diaries", General Alfred Howe Terry - articles, bio
Thomas family - William, Mrs. James correspondence
Thompson, J. B. - books from his personal library, other materials
Viney, Benjamin C. (architect of Carnegie Library, other Longmont buildings), contracts, material related to building, correspondence, reminiscences
Wadlow, Phyllis - page in scrapbook
Wallace family - reunion record, Longmont 1909
Warner, Louise Adele - wedding announcement
Warner, Leona - page in scrapbook
Warner, Marguerite - scrapbook, schoolbooks
Warner, Willis A. - business papers
Weaver family - Bible with genealogical information
Westerberg, Claude - business certificate
Wherry, Dr. Harry - mentioned in Title Abstract
White, Anna Belle - wedding announcement
White, Eben - letters, papers, diaries 1876-1917, certificates, posters
White, Dr. Willard - mentioned in Title Abstract
Wiest, Dr. Sard - mentioned in Title Abstract
Wiggins, Frank C. and James - business papers
Wilson, John - school book used by him, 1882.


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