Ryssby Cemetery Book

The Longmont Genealogical Society is taking orders for its CD detailing the burials at the Ryssby Cemetery, an early Swedish cemetery located next to the Ryssby Church in southwest Longmont, Colorado.  The CD includes photographs of all the existing grave markers and biographical information about the approximately 200 persons buried there. 

To see an alphabetical list of the names of known persons buried in Ryssby Cemetery
click on this link: Known Burials

For questions or to order a CD, contact PresidentLGS@gmail.com
or fill out and mail the form below.

Click here for photos of the Ryssby Cemetery Project


$10.00 per CD
plus $3.00 postage per order.
(International postage is more)

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Ryssby Cemetery

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Print and mail this order form with your payment to:

Longmont Genealogical Society Inc., P.O. Box 6081, Longmont, Colorado, 80501

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