Legacy Training Genealogy Videos
available at the Longmont Public Library
Donated by the Longmont Genealogical Society

Call # Presentor Video Title
771.44 RASRasmussen, GeoffDigital images: scanning, editing, and preserving your photos
929.1 ALZAlzo, LisaTracing immigrant ancestors
929.1 AROArons, RonPutting flesh on the bones
929.1 HAIHait, MichaelWhat is a reasonably exhaustive search?
929.1 GEIGeiger, Linda (Linda Woodward)Genealogy for novices: where do we begin?
929.1 MEIMeitzler, Leland KChasing women: finding your female ancestors
929.1 SMOSmolenyak, MeganReverse genealogy: finding the living
929.1072 CLIClifford, KarenPre-1850: U.S. research methodologies
929.1072 GElGeiger, Linda (Linda Woodward)Evidence: guidelines for evaluating genealogical evidence
929.1072 HILHill, MaryUsing your digital camera to copy records
929.1072 JONJones, Thomas W.Debunking misleading records
929.1072 MACMacEntee, ThomasThe Homestead Act of 1862
929.1072 PIEPierre-Louis, MarianTen brick wall tips for intermediate researchers
929.1072 PIEPierre-Louis, MarianTen brick wall tips for beginners
929.3 ALZAlzo, LisaTen hidden resources every genealogist should know
929.3 CLIClifford, KarenOvercoming lost records using technology
929.3 COOCooke, Lisa LouiseGet the scoop on your ancestors with newspapers
929.3 GElGeiger, Linda (Linda Woodward)Using tax lists to solve genealogical problems
929.3 HILHill, MaryThe big 4 U.S. record sources
929.3 HILHill, MaryUsing church records to identify ancestors
929.3 HILHill, MaryLand records: solve research problems
929.3 RENRenick, BarbaraThe 5 Cs for success in genealogy today
929.3 RUSRussell, Judy G.Using court records to tell the story of our ancestors' lives
929.34 HILHill, MaryColonial immigrants: who they were and where they came from
929.3411 DOUDougan, MarieInheritance in Scotland: wills, testaments, and land records
929.3411 DOUDougan, MarieResearching your Scottish ancestors
929.3411 WIGWight, Judith EcclesBreaking down your Irish/Scottish brick walls: in the Poor Law records
929.3415 RUSRussell, Judy GA treasure trove of Irish websites
929.3415 WIGWight, Judith EcclesResearching your Irish ancestors
929.3415 WIGWight, Judith EcclesBreaking down your Irish brick walls: learning the research process
929.3415 WIGWight, Judith EcclesIrish research 101 : learning the research process
929.3415 WIGWight, Judith EcclesSome lesser known Irish resources
929.3415 WIGWight, Judith EcclesThe 3 C's of Irish research: church, civil registration, and census
929.342 BRIBrisson-Banks, ClairThe quest for your English ancestors
929.343 BElBeidler, James M.German Internet research: a launching place for your research
929.343 MEYMeyerink, KoryResearching your German ancestors
929.347 ALZAlzo, LisaBest internet resources for E. European genealogy
929.36 WALWalton-Riji, AngelaBest internet resources for African-American genealogy
929.36 WALWalton-Riji, AngelaWhen freedom came: documenting the family's freedom story
929.37 WALWalton-Riji, AngelaDocumenting Native American families in 19th/20th century records
929.371 BRIBrisson-Banks, ClairResearching your Canadian ancestors
929.371 HOGHogan, Kathryn LakeTen reasons your ancestor was in Canada
929.3748 ALZAlzo, LisaResearching your Pennsylvania ancestors
929.42 CLIClifford, KarenToo many with the same name
929.42 COOCooke, Lisa LouiseGoogle search strategies for common surnames

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