Who's Who in Longmont
The Longmont Ledger ran a feature in the paper in 1927 called "Who's Who?"

Each week they published a mystery photo with the following questions:

Can you tell the Ledger who this is?
Did he or she ever live in Longmont?
If so, when?
Is he or she now living?
Is so, where and what is he or she doing?

We want to know and when we receive the information,
we will publish it in next week's Ledger.

We have the same problems now - we have posted photos below and don't know who is in them. Can you help us find their identity? Send us your unidentified photos of Longmont residents of yesteryear and let's see if one of our members knows who they are!

Mystery Photos

Click on any photo on this page to see a larger image with more detail.


Can you help us identify our most recent "Mystery" children? We would love to know who they are and find them a home. These are scans of 2 mystery photos recently given to LGS.  The front is an unaltered scan.  The back shows only the inscription, altered to bring out the pencil writing. http://boulderlibrary.org/pdfs/carnegie/boulder_photographers.pdf   says this photographer worked only 1887 to 1888.
Here is some information added by Margaret L. of our Society. George W. Stiffler was a photographer in Longmont from at least 1885 to 1900 as noted in census. A son died in California in 1902. Was George already in CA by that time? His 1907 obituary in the Longmont Ledger notes that he died in California, but lacks details about when he moved there. No D.D.Rees was found in a census to identify the children in this photo. I did find both Rees and Reese families in Longmont.

Livings Family Photos ?

The photos below are of children from a Longmont Pioneer family contributed by one of our members Ida. Please look at them carefully and see if you recognize any of them. If you do, please share your information by emailing Sally and it will be passed on to the owner of the photos.

Most of these photos are believed to be members of the "Livings" family that lived in Longmont around ** to **. There are 20 Livings people listed in the Longmont Ledger Index of birth, marriage and deaths. The dates listed for them are from 1892 to 1925. The ledger page  for these names can be found by clicking on this link: Lewis - Longden. We were able to identify a few more people in the photos with the help of JoAnn (Skinner) Schleis. Many thanks JoAnn!
Young Boy

Baby in white dress
Little girl with bow

Young Lady w/ curley bangs

Girl with ruffled dress

Two children

Young girl w/ long curls

Sarah Dart,  Great aunt
JoAnn (Skinner) Schleis,
never married, 
(she was a
 half sister to AD Skinner)

Asahel D. Skinner

Young man standing

Young man w/ tie

Couple with two boys

Extended Family
Outside house

Loyd Livings Memorial 1095

May be of Anna (Dart) and
Will Livings and family.
I think the house that Anna Livings lived in, in Longmont is on the National Registry of Historical Homes.

Man and dog possibly
same Livings family as they had a son William / Wilber

Man w/ beard and young woman

Men on a Wagon

Possibly Jennings Livings Owensby

Ann (Lyda Ann Dart), wife of William (will) Livings

Grandparents of JoAnn (Skinner) Scheis, Asahel D. Skinner and Ester Vertz's wedding photo


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