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These records are extractions of Birth, Marriage and Death dates from the old Longmont Ledger newspaper which was published from September 12, 1897 and extracted by members of the Longmont Genealogical Society. Please note that the dates listed are not for the actual event, but the date the information was published in the Longmont Ledger. This information was extracted from the 3 by 5 card file originally created by the WPA and housed at the Longmont Public Library. Where dates were vague and information sketchy, the microfilm of the original newspapers was examined.

The Longmont Ledger newspapers can also be found at if you would like to see the full issues or to verify the information in our index. Issues of two additional Longmont newspapers can be found at this site: Longmont Press from October 2, 1872 to July 22,  1882 and one issue of the Longmont Times on June 23, 1888.

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