Longmont Genealogical Society
Programs And Events For the Year 2020

Meeting Place : First Lutheran Church - 803 3rd Avenue, Longmont CO
 We meet in the "Friendship Center" room which is on the street level.
It is accessed by the North door that faces 3rd Avenue, 
 It is adjacent to a small parking lot with 5 "Handicap Parking" spots. 
More parking is available on the West side of the building with a stairway leading to this upper level.

Mark these dates on your calendar so you won't miss any of these excellent programs, and remember to invite your friends.

January 8, 2020

1:00 PM

Who in the World do I think I am?

Debbie Noel, author of Drop In With Debbie, a blog published on the Longmont city website tells others’ stories. She will speak about her own story and her understanding and relevancy for life today. Debbie has a long career serving others. She has developed programs for children and adults, including inmates in an inner-city setting. She was a reporter and editor for a Pennsylvania newspaper with a unique beat focused on community issues. She was president of a company that served people with disabilities and finally completed her career in Pennsylvania government where she was a project manager that worked on changing policy, procedures and laws for those who were aging or for people with disabilities. Now retired, she volunteers teaching creative writing classes for a local school and for the Longmont Senior Center. She also volunteers in other creative endeavors based on her writing, music and art.

The DNA study Group for 2020 will study “Genetic Genealogy in Practice”, by Blaine T. Bettinger and Debbie Parker Wayne.

February 12, 2020

Beth Benko Presents:
Learning Without Spending: Getting a Free Genealogical Education

Genealogy can be a very expensive pursuit and acquiring the knowledge to research well can add to the costs significantly. Seminars, institutes, conferences, and distance learning courses offer excellent learning experiences – but at a price. Learn about the many opportunities to advance your genealogical skills and knowledge without spending a penny. Explore websites, wikis, webinars and more in this presentation.

Beth Benko is a professional genealogist providing family history research for clients and lecturing to local organizations. Beth holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Computer Science. She worked as a software developer and manager for 30 years before leaving the corporate world to pursue her interests in family history. Beth is on the board of several local genealogical societies, a volunteer at NARA and Denver Public Library.

March 11, 2020

1:00 PM

Diane Barbour Presents:
“Scots-Irish: Who are they and What and Where Do I Find Records? “

This talk includes a small history of Northern Ireland from the Plantation in 1610 to the 1900. We will discuss record groups from the 1600’s and 1700’s that will help you find your Irish ancestors in all of Ireland. Ireland was always one country until 1922. The records before this date are available for the entire country. A Northern Ireland case study will illuminate some of these little known and sometimes incomplete record groups. Piecing them together can give you a look into your past in Ireland.

Diane has been doing genealogy for about 20 years. In June 2012, she graduated from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies at the University of Toronto to earn her credentials of PLCGS or Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies. She attends Advanced Institutes yearly and has taught genealogy locally and nationally. Her first love is teaching. She is currently President of the Anthem Ranch Genealogical Society and is Vice- President of Boulder Genealogy. She is also is education coordinator for both groups. Diane volunteers for many jobs with other organizations. She has volunteered at the Denver Public Library and National Archives in Broomfield.

Zoom Meeting

April 8, 2020

1:00 PM

Round Table Discussions

Mary Heddles - Problem Solving
Margaret Lindblom = My Newest Discovery
Darryl Kelly - Genealogy on a Budget
Mick Mickelson - Best Features of Ancestry, Beside the Leaves
Wes Sullivan - Genealogoy Research Trips: Lessons Learned

Note: This will be a Virtual Online Meeting. You will recieve an invitation by email to join this event.

Zoom Meeting

May 13, 2020

1:00 PM

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Megan Reilly Koepsell presents:
Extending Your Family Tree: Creative Ways to Connect with DNA Matches and Find Common Ancestors

It can be very overwhelming when looking at your numerous DNA matches, which can number in the thousands. Where do you even begin to make sense of it all? Join Megan Reilly Koepsell as she guides you through creative ways to think outside the box to find useful DNA matches and connect with them to help you find common ancestors and break down those brick walls.

Megan Reilly Koepsell lives in Highlands Ranch.  She has had a life-long interest in family history and has been spending nearly every available waking moment doing genealogy for about ten years. Her first book, released January 14, 2020, is titled “Listening to the Voices of Our Ancestors: A Practical Manual for Developing Your Intuitive Genealogical Abilities.”

Zoom Meeting

June 10, 2020

1:30 - 2:30 PM

Carol Cooke Darrow presents:
Breathing Life Into Your Ancestors

After you’ve quoted birth, marriage and death dates, what else can you say about an ancestor you’ve never known? How can you put them into historical context? Using sources such as newspapers, county histories, geographic location, ethnicity, occupation, photographs, letters and diaries (of your ancestors or their neighbors) can help you breathe life into your ancestor’s narrative.

Carol Cooke Darrow is a professional genealogist and the co-author of The Genealogist’s Guide to Researching Tax Records. She volunteers on Thursdays at the National Archives branch in Broomfield and facilitates the WriteNOW! writing group at the Denver Public Library (DPL). /td>

Zoom Meeting

July 8, 2020

1:00 - 2:30 PM

Dina Carson presents:
Our Ladies in Waiting: Finding Your Female Ancestors

Every one of our surname lines end when a daughter marries into another family. Or looking at it another way, every time one of our male ancestors marries, we have another surname line to discover. The farther back we go, the more difficult discovering a female ancestor's maiden name may be. Researching female ancestors has one further challenge: locating evidence of the things she did during her life both before she married and after. Rest assured, although our female ancestors may seem to be waiting in the wings for us to discover them, there are ways, and thanks to the growing number of search tools available to us, the wait may be over.

Dina Carson has been involved in genealogy for more than two decades, and is currently the coordinator of the Boulder Pioneers Project, a comprehensive look at the original source documents for Boulder County during the Territorial period (1859-1876). She is the author of more than thirty annotated indexes of Boulder County source materials. She lectures frequently to genealogical societies throughout the state and is working with the Colorado State Archives on state-wide indexing projects. Dina is the author of 10 books about publishing and genealogy including, Publish Your Family History: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing the Stories of Your Ancestors, Map Your US Research: A Workbook for Genealogists and Historical Assets of Colorado: A Research Guide for Genealogists, Local Historians and History Buffs Containing a Treasure Trove of Museums, Ghost Towns, Courthouses, Historic Homes and Hotels, along with the Libraries and Archives Holding Colorado's History. Dina brings her experience with all phases of book publishing to help first-time self-publishers create quality family or local histories that are both believable and achievable. When she's not at a computer working on a publishing project, you can find her photographing the pioneer cemeteries of Colorado.

Zoom Meeting

August 12, 2020

1:00 PM

Del Ritchhart Presents: GenSmarts: The Best Genealogy Research Tool You Never Heard of.

GenSmarts is an application that interacts with your genealogy program and provides research suggestions using artificial intelligence analysis. It develops a profile of the individuals in your program based on where and when they lived. It then matches the profiles with GenSmart’s inventory of known records. The program then makes predictions based on this comparison. It is prioritized to highlight missing data and then provide suggestions for search. It will then search selected web sites for the missing data.

GenSmarts works with all the major genealogical programs and is compatible with Windows NT, Vista, XP, 98, 7 and 8 and 10. Although it isn’t designed to work with the Mac, Mac users can use it. They just need a virtualization software with a Windows VM (Virtual Machine) setup such as Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare Fusion, or VirtualBox, and generate a GEDCOM file from their Mac software, and then copy it over into the VM. Or use something like CrossOver from CodeWeavers, which makes it even easier since you aren’t loading a full VM session.

Del began researching his family history in 1994. He served in leadership positions in several San Diego genealogy organizations; including President, Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego and Program Director, San Diego Genealogical Society. He was Chair of The Working Group for soliciting Sponsors, Exhibitors and Advertisers for the June 2019 International German Genealogy Partnership Conference held in Sacramento. He currently leads the German Study Group for the Larimer County Genealogical Society and is Secretary of the Longs Peak Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. Del has given over 120 genealogy presentations to numerous groups in the Southern California and Northern Colorado areas in the past nine years. He published, “Breathing Life Into My Family Ancestors” in late 2011 and published his second book “Ordinary People Who Accomplished the Extraordinary—Our Immigrant Ancestors and Their Descendants” in November 2019.

Zoom Meeting

September 9, 2020

1:00 PM

Diane Barbour, PLCGS Presents:
"Did Your Ancestors “Pass Through” Canada or Settle There?"

Basic Canadian history begins to set the stage for this talk about Canadian Records and how to access them. Many of our ancestors came through Canada for a variety of reasons. Many remained in Canada and many came to the United States. This talk includes a discussion of the basic record groups and the websites that will help you to follow your Canadian ancestors.

Diane has been doing genealogy for about 20 years. In June 2012, she graduated from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies at the University of Toronto to earn her credentials of PLCGS or Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies. She attends Advanced Institutes yearly and has taught genealogy locally and nationally. Her first love is teaching. She is currently President of the Anthem Ranch Genealogical Society and is Vice- President of Boulder Genealogy. She is also is education coordinator for both groups. Diane volunteers for many jobs with other organizations. She has volunteered at the Denver Public Library and National Archives in Broomfield.

Zoom Meeting

October 14, 2020

1:00 PM
Kathy Tarullo Presents : "Demystifying Census Records"

Census Records are the backbone of U.S. Research.
They provide a rare snapshot of a family taken at regular intervals. They document the twists and turns a family takes from decade to decade revealing family details, economic status, occupations, military activity, immigration information as well as other useful information. We will discuss the uniqueness of each census and strategies to help you harvest the information..

Kathy Tarullo received her bachelor's degree in Family History from Brigham Young University. She is currently on staff with Apex Colorado Recreation District teaching beginning Genealogy Classes and a Beyond the Basics lecture series. She is a member of Foothills Genealogical Society, Genealogical Society of Utah, Colorado Association of Professional Genealogists and the Director of the Arvada Family History Center.

Zoom Meeting

November 11, 2020

1:00 PM

Debbie Schwartz presents : Finding Original Surnames and Towns: Strategies and examples that apply to anyone with an immigrant ancestor

Successful Jewish Genealogy hinges on two essential facts: what are the original Ancestral surnames and towns for each branch in your family. But the same principals apply, regardless of your ethnic heritage, to anyone you have trouble tracing (especially back to the country where they emigrated). What if you don’t know an original name or town of one of your immigrant ancestors? What do you do? Where do you start? Is it even possible to re-capture that crucial information if you cannot be certain of either? Using many examples and strategies, I will walk you through each showing examples of how original names and towns can be confirmed many decades after they were forgotten or obscured.

Debbie Schwartz is past president and programing VP for JGSCO (Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado). Her career in Rights Licensing required her to find creative ways to locate people that didn't always want to be found. That experience helped her discover creative ways to find and confirm original ancestral last names and towns using clues left by our ancestors. She launched a company (oriGen) in 2018 to accomplish similar results for others. Debbie will share practical and focused ways to find and verify original family names and locations in step-by-step presentations.

Zoom Meeting

December 9, 2020

1:00 PM

Seasonal Songs And Music By Jon Chandler Jon Chandler will entertain with a program of A Colorado Christmas composed of songs dealing with the holidays, Colorado and Longmont.

A seventh-generation Coloradan, Jon Chandler is a nationally lauded singer/songwriter and author whose songs and books are reflections of his western heritage. Chandler has travelled throughout the country performing at concert venues, honky-tonks, nightclubs, cowboy poetry gatherings and music festivals, and has appeared everywhere from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to the Congressional Earth Day Reception in Washington D.C. He was named Best Living Western Musician by True West Magazine, is the recipient of three Spur Awards from the Western Writers of America and was most recently honored with the Branding Iron Award by the William S. Hart Museum in Newhall, California.

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