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Longmont Genealogical Society
Special DNA Consultation

Private DNA Consultations with an Experienced DNA Expert

Tuesday May 21st, 2024

12:30 to 3:00 PM

In-Person at the Longmont Senior Center, Lashley Station

1200 Lashley St, Longmont, CO 80504

Pre-registration and a fee is required.

A One-on-One Consultation Regarding Your  DNA Test Results

Have you taken a DNA test for genealogy and are not sure how to interpret the results? Do you have results but you don’t understand what they mean? Or, how these results can help you advance your family history research?

We are offering an opportunity to meet one-on-one with an experienced genealogist that has years of experience working with DNA test results in family history research.  During a 25-minute consultation one of our experienced DNA consultants will review your results with you.  He/she can provide answers to questions about your results, help identify areas for further research, and suggest the next steps to take.

DNA is a powerful tool to help learn more about your family and advance your research.  It is not a magic solution to solve all your research questions, but LGS Consultants can help you direct your research in the areas where it can be most productive.  This will help you get the most out of your test results.

The Consultants are: Glenn York, Sylvia Tracy-Doolos, and Mark Fearer. They are all members of the Association of Professional Genealogists and all have years of experince with DNA testing and analyzing DNA test results. You will be assigned to one of them based on the best fit between your DNA testing and potential questions and their individual expertise.

All participants must:
  1. Have results from one or more DNA tests
  2. Have login information to access their DNA results
  3. Have a pedigree chart (on-line or paper)

This consultation will cost $12 for 25 minutes (Longmont Residents and non-residents). Fee to be paid to LGS at the time of the consultation.
(Cash or check, no credit cards accepted)

This is NOT a Senior Center Class/Activity, and registration is NOT provided thru the Senior Center process.

Registration is a two step process from this web page.

Step 1; Click here to pick your time in the afternoon of May 21st
Then close that tab on your browser to return to this page.

Step 2: Click here to Complete the Questionnaire

Thank you for Registering, see you on the 21st, and please remember to bring payment and your DNA access info.

You will be contacted prior to May 21st to confirm your time slot and any other details.